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Elektric Hydrant Pump
Elektric Hydrant Pump
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Elektric Hydrant Pump

Pump hydrant electrically main pumps on the network installation fire hydrant whose function of supplying water from groundtank (tank reservoir) into the pipe - a pipe in duct fire hydrant to the discharge end (nozzle) on hydrant pillar on the outside of buildings or hydrant box that was inside the building when a fire in the protected area. Known as electrically hydrant pump because it uses electrical energy to drive turbines at work draining the water. In addition to the pump hydrant electrical, network installation fire hydrant there is also a pump hydrant diesel whose function is to help stabilize the pressure in the network fire hydrant due to decreased tekaran gradually as the water comes out of noozle or sprinkle, or as a substitute pump hydrant electrically during a system failure and death electricity.

How it Works Electric Pump Hydrant
Most pumps Hydrant Electrical work Centrifugal End Suction is pushing the water with great pressure through a turbine that is in electrical hydrant pump body away from the center (centrifugal movement). Round pump can achieve when working at a speed of 2,900 rpm. And can drain the water until 2850 liters / minute. Installation of the pump must be observed in order to avoid errors in operation and easy when going for a routine inspection and maintenance. This becomes important because if there is a fundamental error in the placement of the pump, it will be difficult because the contractor had to dismantle the whole piping system on the network installation fire hydrant.

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